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Travelling Soon?

We all know that using data abroad can be extortionate.  With easySim you can enjoy jaw-dropping
savings of up to 95% compared to your home network’s roaming charges! Whether you're jetting off
for work or pleasure, easySim ensures you won't be greeted by shocking bills when you get back.
To help with worry-free international roaming, Global Dream Travel has secured an introductory 15% discount voucher for every customer.
Not only can this save you money, but easySim also delivers a great service with their tier 1 network
partners and 5G is available in many countries. What’s more, in most countries, easySim has more than one network to choose from.
If you’re wondering if this will work with your device, eSIMs work with the majority of 4G/5G Apple and Android smartphones.  No need for extra apps or tricky SIM installations.  If you ever need assistance, simply sign in to your account and tap ‘help’ for a fast response.
Check if your phone is eSIM compatible here
Getting started with easySim is as easy as the name suggests. Head to choose
your destination country and data bundle and load the eSIM from the QR code in your welcome
email. easySim will send step-by-step instructions including manual instructions if you are unable to
scan your QR code. Then, set easySim as your default for data roaming, and you're good to go. You
can even use easySim in the UK if you need extra data or coverage in areas where you home network
is letting you down.
Don’t forget to use voucher code GLOBAL15 for an exclusive 15% discount on all data bundles.
Once you’ve bought your data, you can track your usage through a user-friendly web dashboard.
So, there you have it – a pocket-friendly, prepaid solution to keep you connected wherever your
journey takes you - because staying in touch should be easy.

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