Antarctic Circle Expedition - 14 Days

Antarctic Circle Expedition - 14 Days

Commence your journey on the southern tip of the American continent, adjusting to the climate of Ushuaia in Argentina. Join your crew and fellow adventurers for the Journey only few can even dream of as you expedition south toward the Antarctic Peninsula - the last Continent, a space you will share with some of the most interesting wildlife on our planet. 


You'll have the opportunity to learn from leading experts on Antarticic life - geology, history of polar adventuring, wildlife and much more on board your Antarctic-bound ship. With all the mod cons you'll head to the end of the earth to understand the 7th Continent, the one humankind know the least about but the one you'll be thoroughly engaged with by the time you've experienced it first hand. 


See ice-formations, Antarctic mountains, icebergs, humpback whales swimming alongside the ship, leapard seals and a variety of different playful penguins. There's also the possiblity of a flightseeing tour where you'll take off on an on board helicopter for a bird's eye view exploring the frozen paradise beneath. With a range of adventure options - kayak, Zodiac and much more, we've every angle covered to ensure this trip stands above anything you've ever experienced before. 


Welcome to the exclusive club of Antarctic expeditioners - you're one of just a few who've had the chance to experience the delights of the White Continent!

  • Itinerary and Specifics


    • Cross the Antartic Circle at 66°33´ S
    • Join the Inner Circle of Humanity by exploring the Antartic Peninsula - you're now one of only a small group of humans to have set foot on the White Continent
    • Enhance your knowledge of the most interesting birdlife, wildlife and geography on earth
    • See a plethora of whales, penguins, seals and southern Antarctic birdlife - the ocean and continent teems with a myriad of interesting creatures not found anywhere else on earth
    • Learn from a team of highly experienced Expedition Team - presentations are provided covering topics such as the Antarctic wildlife you'll encounter, the geology, the history