Ukraine - Bessarabia Gastronomic Tour - 7 days

Ukraine - Bessarabia Gastronomic Tour - 7 days

Ukrainian Danube Bessarabia, located in the south of Odesa region, is a region with a rich history, Mediterranean climate and a unique demographic composition of the population. The region is called the interfluve because it is located between the two rivers (the Danube and the Dniester) and is washed by the warm waters of the Black Sea. This tour immerses you in many of the extremely tasty local foods and wines.


The Thracian kingdom in Ancient Greece, Mysia during the time of the Roman and the Byzantine Empire, the Ongle during the time of Great Bulgaria, the Ottoman and Russian Empires - and this is not a complete list of names and states present at different times on these blessed lands. Even today you can see the Trojan Shafts - 

the borders of the Roman Empire, built by the emperor Troyan. 


Ukraine has an abundance of the best wine. The food is Old-fashioned and very tasty.

You can meet many Europeans and Americans that are visiting Ukrainian Bessarabia just to taste wine and food of the last

place in Europe were you can find forgotten flavors.

  • Itinerary and Specifics


    • Indulge in some of the best food and wine in this historic and charming region of Ukraine
    • Take part in various culinary masterclasses to enhance your skills and bring a taste of this epic tour back with you
    • Enjoy city tours of Odessa and Izmail - 2 places with multiple hidden gems
    • Crush grapes and take part in a wine-making masterclass when in season (late August to October)
    • Visit the historic Akkerman fortress



    • 4 Star Accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast Basis
    • Meet and Greet at Airport
    • Transfers to and from hotel
    • Expert driver/guide
    • Comfortable touring vehicle
    • Local knowledge, recommendations and help with any bookings you want to make
    • Porterage - 1 piece per person in and out of hotels

    Not included

    • Flights - purchase your own flights in and out of destination 
    • Gratuities minimum recommended $10 per person per day
    • Lunches and Dinners - we like our guests to be able to choose their own dining options
    • Any entrances to musuems, attractions and concerts - most of what you're looking for will be free entrance anyway. 

    Detailed Itinerary:

    Day 1

    Arrival in Odessa, meeting at the airport, transfer for lunch. Enjoy a city tour of Odessa with a guide and visit the Catacombs museum. 

    Day 2

    ENO training at the Odessa academy before enjoying a lunch at a home cooking restaurant. Visit the Akkerman fortess before heading to Zatoka

    Day 3

    Head to Sarata to enjoy another culinary masterclass before heading to Strunok. Here we can enjoy a tasting at a family winery with the added bonus of crushing grapes and learning to make wine if in season. We then head to Brynzarnya, known for its magnificent cheese. Once this has been fully sampled, we head to Vilkovo.

    Day 4

    Enjoy the "Danube - 0KM" excursion tour with lunch on an island with local residents. In the afternoon we then experience a wine tasting in the Vinaria wine cellar which also includes a yeast making masterclass, before heading to our next hotel. 

    Day 5

    Today we'll travel to Tabaki for a tasting at the Schedra Okolitsa cheese farm. This includes up to 16 types of cheese and 3-4 types of soft cheeses; fruits, dried fruits, nuts and honey;-local wine and water. There is also another masterclass, where you can participate in cutting a bunch, shape the cheese into molds and taste the finished cheese or take it with you! We'll then venture to Krinichnoe for a wine tasting at the Kolonist winery, before ending the day in Izmail, where you will enjoy the promenade, sea port and a city tour.

    Day 6

    We make a short trip to Krinichnoe to visit the House Museum and the home bakery "Khlebna ksha". Enjoy a masterclass of cooking local bread, or a Bulgarian national dish. Then we transfer to Bolgrad for a short wine tasting at the Winery Bolgrad. Afterwards we can enjoy a city tour including a Soviet style cafeteria, local market, and the Cathedral. For dinner, there is a tasting at the restaurant Balkanski Yastia.

    Day 7

    We start by heading to Shabo, an enourmous winery in the Odessa region. After an extensive wine tour, we then enjoy one final meal before heading to Odessa with a connection to Kiev, to embark on our journey home.