Bora Bora Paradise Indulgence 9 days

Bora Bora Paradise Indulgence 9 days

When people refer to paradise islands they refer to Bali, the Seychelles, Hawaii and more but none of them can match the climax that is Bora Bora. Due to its remote location in the middle of the Pacific, few ever achieve the opportunity to relax and indulge in this paradise island, one of nature's places of true, absolute beauty. The ethnicity on the island is a very interesting mix of French and Polynesian, with the territory still belonging to France.


Yes, there are turqoise waters, lazy days, palm trees, coconuts and the simple pleasures every day but what's great is that you get to do this in total luxury and comfort. Every need will be met. 


It goes without saying that you have an incredible food and drink culture on the island, with both simple, fresh tropical ingredients and tasty seafood serving up interesting plates with French sophistication. With miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches, friendly locals, a very safe environment and and incredibly laid back attitude, if you can't relax here, you won't be able to relax anywhere. We guarantee you'll return home wishing you could move home. 


Our Partner Resort will provide all the Indulgences you can think of so you can switch off, let your body catch up with your mind and truly rejuvenate. We will include a $1000 treatment and care package which allows you to have your daily pampering session or sessions, depending on what grabs your attention that day. The only downside is that eventually you have to return to reality again, but you do so feel fresh, cleansed, purified and totally natural. 

  • Itinerary and Specifics


    • Enjoy the calm of the tropical sea, get away from the maddening crowds, enjoy the local people
    • Almost always sunny weather 
    • Fantastic cuisine, fresh seafood
    • Lounge on the private white sandy beach
    • Enjoy your own private bungalow



    • 5 star oceanside Private Bungalow on a Bed and Breakfast basis at our Partrer Resort with your own service staff (minimum of two travellers, a couple or friends for example)
    • Private white sand beach exclusive to guests
    • Enjoy watersports such as snorkelling and swimming
    • Room service
    • Porterage to your own bungalow and on departure

    Not included:

    • Arrange your own return flights first to Tahiti and then to Bora Bora- usually people fly in from Honalulu, Santiago, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Auckland with Air France or Air New Zealand 
    • Lunches, Dinners and Drinks
    • Any excursions - easily arranged via the concierge or we can do it for you if you prefer to have everything sorted before you arrive.