Terms and Conditions:
Purchasing of any of our products is agreement to undertake and be bound by the Terms and Conditions hereby contained in this policy.
You may cancel up to 3 months before your trip begins. We will deduct a 5% handling charge of the purchase for the usual administration and banking fees we may face in dealing with the transactions resulting from a change of mind and refunding you.  
There can be no refund after this period. It is likely our arrangements with accommodation and service providers will operate on the same basis with us. We sign agreements guaranteeing the availability of the best guides/drivers and specialists for your trip and this comes with a financial commitment. Your recourse will be your travel/medical insurance.
We agree to treat you with respect and dignity whilst you are on any our trips. Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us.
We never arrange flights for our guests – we have found in our 20+ years of experience in the travel sector that travellers have always preferred to use points, miles, and other advantages (lounge access, partnerships) they may have as well as being able to personalise the seating option they choose). So many people prefer to opt for economy plus, first, business, aisle or corridor choices that may not be offered by an airline booking for a group. We advise our guests to consider the seat class, the baggage option they wish to choose, the connections (limit them, you always want to fly direct to arrive fresh if possible, and there’s a higher risk of your airline losing luggage the more connections you choose). We will provide you a starting point date, time and place where you are expected to meet your driver/guide or our representative who will do the meet and greet and get to know all the tour members in an informal setting usually at the first accommodation. They’ll run over the details of the trip and get everyone off to a great start on Day 1. If you’re a private group of 6 people or more all arriving on the same flight at the same day and time, we’ll include complimentary returns from the arrival airport at destination to the accommodation (within 30km) and at the end of the trip to the departure airport (within 30km).
Your responsibilities:
You agree to abide by the road safety, vehicle safety and craft safety measures of any country or region you visit whilst on a trip organised by Global Dream Travel.
In anticipation for your trip, you will ensure your travel/medical insurance are arranged for the entire duration of the trip. You will ensure you have booked your return flights and you will ensure your own transport from your residence to your airport of departure, as well as your own transport upon your home airport to your residence.
Please wear your seatbelts whilst in any vehicle or craft where they are supplied whilst upon a Global Dream Travel trip. It is a legal requirement in most countries worldwide.
Please refrain from smoking, drinking or eating in any of our vehicles. Smoking for example is prohibited in the place of work in the European Union and in many countries around the world.
Please allow yourself three hours at the airport before flight time for trans-continental and non-domestic flights. For domestic flights, more than two hours thirty minutes is usually fine. You will need to pass security, screening and border control and get to your gate, which can take anywhere from several minutes to over an hour in the case of London Heathrow Airport or JFK depending on the activity level in the airport that day. Please be aware, if you’re changing terminal, sometimes you may need to go through security twice – a perfect example of this would be flying to Heathrow Airport from Edinburgh (domestic) and onward flying to South Africa. Please leave yourself plenty of time in airports and travel with calm and composure as a result.
All travellers must obtain their own travel and/or medical insurance. This is your responsibility and you will not be allowed on any of our trips without it. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. For many countries, you will not be able to obtain a visa without providing proof of travel/medical insurance e.g. The Russian Federation
Visa – it is your responsibility to obtain a visa if your citizenship is one of those which requires a visa before entering a specific country. Please check with your Department of Foreign Affairs or the equivalent whether you do or do not require one. Obtaining a Travel Visa can be a lengthy process and may often require a trip in person to an embassy or consulate so please commence the process early – six months at least before you travel. Global Dream Travel will not be held responsible for a guest’s failure to obtain their visa should they risk travelling without one. It’s the passengers own responsibility to inform themselves of this requirement. In addition, there are a list of citizenships refused entry to certain foreign states. Please make sure your citizenship is not included for travel there, again this is your responsibility, not that of Global Dream Travel.
Passport or Government ID Card – your passport needs to be in date for over 6 months upon your return date to your home nation. Please apply for a passport renewal 6 months or earlier before you fly out for one of our trips, as sometimes there can be a backlog or delay in issuing you your new documentation.
Medical – you must in be good physical condition and have the consent of your doctor to travel. If your doctor or medical practitioner has advised you not to travel, your travel insurance may or may not be jeopardised, so please speak with your care team before you fly. It’s good to have peace of mind and sound advice before heading off on the trip of a lifetime.
As well as being in good physical condition, you must also be able to make it from your residence to the airport of departure and conduct yourself without the assistance of a fellow traveller, Global Dream Travel Ltd. staff members and/or our employees/representatives. The many responsibilities incumbent upon running a successful trip prohibit tour representatives from taking care of your mobility and doing so takes away from accurate time keeping and the wellbeing of the rest of the group. We aim to treat everyone equally, so it’s essential that you come with a group mentality, willing to share in the enjoyment of your fellow travellers, who have usually paid the very same as you and have the same expectations of enjoyment as you will. We choose to offer small groups so you get the attention you deserve, but also so that you get to enjoy the company of your fellow travellers and potentially make great friends for life.
Included in most packages (unless otherwise stated on each product page):
All accommodations are thee star standard at the very minimum (or equivalent if not graded on a star basis), and are more usually of four and five star standard. Each individual product page will describe which level of accommodation is provided. We often name the hotels we partner with, but sometimes in high season or for other reasons such as conference, events, sporting reasons, a hotel may be completely booked and we may have to use another one of equal or higher specification to the one we advertise.
All accommodations are provided on a bed and breakfast basis. No lunches or dinners are provided – lunches, dinners and snacks are at your own expense. We feel that it’s your choice to eat and drink what you want and this is part of the experience. We shouldn’t be choosing how much, how little or what you want to eat, our experience has taught us that people like guidance, but they don’t want to be forced to have a limited menu. Many of our guests dine together with friends new and existing, and our driver/guide will keep you in the loop with culinary recommendations – cafes, pubs, restaurants, food markets, pop up stalls etc. We would you to explore and learn about the culinary culture that you prefer.
Dietary – please inform your server if you are intolerance or allergic to any ingredient. This will be your responsibility to help the staff of any dining establishment provide better food service for you and cater to your needs.
All rooms are en-suite, unless for example you have chosen an option like a private villa which may have one bathroom per house. It will be stated clearly on the product page it’s not en-suite, but this will be rare and more common on something on a safari or overnight in a dessert tent experience in Active and Adventure.
Air Conditioning – we are aware that most North Americans or travellers from warm climates have the expectation that this is always in every hotel. We will strive to ensure that most of our hotels or accommodation partners can offer this. You can check on the product page where you’ll see our list of lodgings for each trip. In some countries, of cooler climates, air conditioning simply doesn’t exist – it’s a cultural thing – so we can ensure fans in your room if AC isn’t available in any of the hotels.
No surcharge for solo travellers – as a solo traveller you will have your own room at no extra expense, unless you decide you wish to share. Both you and  your travel companion will need to send separate emails to us that this is wish is desired by you both. You will need to let us know at least 3 months before travelling as a courtesy to the accommodation providers we liaise with.
Driver/Guide with professional commentary.
Local guide for 2 hours minimum and 3 hours maximum in a city where we deem the driver/guide is not an expert.
All costs associated with the vehicle – insurance, fuel, parking costs, tolls, cleaning.
Your driver’s meals are paid for by the company so there’s no need to offer to pay his/her lunch/dinner unless you genuinely wish to invite him out somewhere. Please be mindful, our driver is a professional and so will need adequate hours of sleep and rest to perform for you each day and will not be drinking alcohol with your safety and security in mind the following morning on the road. Driver/guides often have paperwork to conduct after hours as well as road mapping and organising visits and the next hotels for you, so once they park up for the evening, they may be working for several more hours once you check in and enjoy the city and your evening leisure time.