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We offer the flavours of all 7 Continents to our discerning Travellers and Adventurers 



A continent rich in history, Europe has everything to offer. From the tradition and beauty of the British Isles, the culinary delights of the Mediterranean, our tours in Europe cover every single country in the European Union, Russia and the Caucus.

North America

From Alaska to Miami and from California to the Canadian Rockies, we've got you covered with expert knowledge and interesting itineraries.

Horseshoe Canyon
Taj Mahal


A vast continent including the traditions of the land of the rising sun and the spectacular beaches of Thailand, Asia offers some of the most spectacular experiences known to humankind.

Australia and New Zealand

Explore the natural beauty, landscapes, high standards of living and indigenous cultures of these top destinations. From Sydney an Melbourne to the South Island we've got a trip for you.

Image by Keith Zhu

South America

From the Perena Moreno Glacier and Pampas of Argentina to the Inca Trail, there's an adventure for every budget and interest in this continent of charm, music, dance, passion and history.

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