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Trip Styles

High Quality Value Packages enjoyed by our discerning new and repeat loyal global travellers. Browse below our variety of choices inspiring your next Trip of a Lifetime.

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Active & Explore

Explore the great outdoors through organised hiking and biking, skiing, mountain walks and landscape tours. Follow the contours, interpret the landscape and keep fit in the process.

Cultural Journeys

Enrich your knowledge of cultures by going beyond the brochure and guide book. Experience local specialities, history, architecture and entire full immersions with local professional tour guides and specialists taking care of you. Come home inspired!


Indulge on a trip to an exclusive oasis away from the hustle and bustle. You'll be pampered, renewed and rejuvenated following a sun-drenched seaside or mountain retreat escape.


Custom and Bespoke

For those who know what they want, their way. Our travel experts listen to your needs and design a tailor-made journey to your specifications.

Epicurean Focus

Vineyard, Domain and Chateau private tasting tours exploring the best Epicurean Delights of Europe. Whisky tasting in Scotland & Ireland, English Brewery discoveries or meet the makers in Germany, Czech Rep. and Belgium.

Sport, Musical and Entertainment

Come to London to watch NFL, see the Toronto Raptors light up the NBA, or watch Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. If music's your scene, head to Memphis and Nashville. Packages designed from weekend trips to 10 day USA voyages exploring the Blues, Jazz, Soul and Country.

Computer Learning
Color Bombs

Learning Abroad Programs

Want to learn a language in Europe, Asia or South America? How about a month's cookery course in Italy or Spain? Learn Scots Gallic off the coast of the original Caledonia, we've got that covered too.

Spiritual and Pilgrimage

Go in search of new and expanded meaning on a personal journey of faith. From Israel, France, Italy, UK and Ireland to the 4th century origins of Georgia and Armenia, you'll expand your understanding. We cover Christianity and Judaism across Europe and the Middle East.

Celebrate Festivals!

Europe offers a range of special moments when communities celebrate their Viking History, their Celtic Ancestry, their Bagpiping Traditions or their Native Culture. Delve in, they only happen once a year!

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