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Covid-19 Traveller Information

Updated August 2021

With the developed world almost fully vaccinated, it looks like we have turned the corner on a very challenging period in the world tourism industry. It is a requirement for all Global Dream Travel guests and adventurers to demonstrate proof of full vaccination. Some countries will require more strict controls both inbound and outbound from the destination in relation to testing, brand of vaccine received and mandatory measures. In relation to mask wearing, social distancing, hygiene and sanitising, we will inform our guests of what will be expected on tour depending on the location and government official advice. 

Government advice in relation to travel already created the conditions for greater flexibility within the sector. We are happy to rebook dates and trips for our guests at the same period of the year and for the same destination and product. There will be no extra cost for this. We will undertake this action if the country's public health authorities where you are resident have introduced measures prohibiting you travelling. We understand that the changes made by public health officials are for everyone’s benefit including our travellers, partners, staff, representatives, driver/guides, local guides and those whom we team up with to provide excellent levels of care and service. Our very first wish is to ensure our guests are safe and secure. This was the case before Covid for everyone working in the sector, and that is everyone’s wish now.  

As your fellow travellers and adventurers, we are delighted to welcome you back to unlimited adventures globally. Travel is the best education, we all learn from it and seek happiness in future trips with the people and places we know and love. Here’s to 2022 being a great year to getting back on the road again and sharing new travel journeys together!


Conor Delaney                                                                                 Adam Cornish



Global Dream Travel 

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