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The Beauty and Charm of the Isle of Skye

The United Kingdom is mainly known for its history, industry and culture rather than spectacular landscapes and nature. However as Global Dream Travel recently discovered, there are parts which go way beyond expectations.

The Isle of Skye is situated off the north-west coast of Scotland, and can be reached via car or ferry from the mainland. It is most commonly known for its distilleries (Talisker Whisky especially) however there is so much more to see and do than what you might originally think.

One of the first things you will notice is the spectacular scenery. As you approach Skye from the mainland, you are surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests (which make for some great activities which we will touch upon later). Even on the way over we noticed a seal taking a quick peek over the surface before diving back under the water to resume its hunt for fish. Once we arrived in our apartment, we were directed to the local pub, a short walk away (and the only amenity in the village other than a very small convenience store) which provided a fine selection of local foods and drinks.

On our first full day we got to visit the Fairy Pools as part of a short walking route. Despite the weather it was still a great site and if you’re feeling brave then you may wish to take a dip in them (the water is exceptionally clean and even drinkable!) Lunch followed at the Oyster Shed which, like many of the meals on Skye, included fish that had been caught that same day. You really get to taste the freshness without paying over the odds for the quality.

The following day consisted of river tubing which was great fun, and highly recommended for anyone that is capable of swimming. The activity also included some climbing and diving into the pools for those feeling bold enough! There were plenty of other activities available such as kayaking, canyoning and axe throwing. In the afternoon we embarked on a nature tour by taking a boat out to the Isle of Rona - inhabited by just 2 people. On the way we got to see dolphins, seals as well as Sea Eagles - the largest birds in the whole of Britain. Being out on the sea, we would certainly recommend wrapping up warm as it got quite chilly at times, although some of the edge was taken off by a dram of whisky at the small hut on Rona!

Being an island, the food largely consisted of fish but Venison, beef and lamb are also common. The quality of meals in general was very good, but if you are looking for that extra special meal then we would highly recommend The Three Chimneys which has a 4 course menu and an excellent selection of accompanying wines.

Skye is also home to some beautiful beaches, for example the Coral Beach just north of Dunvegan where crystal clear water awaits you. Other attractions also include the caves at Elgol, the Old Man of Storr and the lighthouse at Neiss Point all of which give spectacular views despite the relatively poor weather. You can expect a fair bit of rain when visiting but this does little to deter from the outstanding natural beauty that surrounds you on the island. On clearer days however, the scenery really comes to life and in the winter you may even be able to spot the Northern Lights! Despite being relatively small, there is so much to see and do which is why we recommend spending a few days here.

To enjoy Skye in all its glory, feel free to get in touch with us on the usual channels so we can put together that special trip for you with the finishing touches applied by our contacts up there! Alternatively you can experience Skye as part of a longer trip in our Scottish Outer Isles Tour here or our Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo tour by clicking here.

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