Iceland and Greenland - 7 Days

Iceland and Greenland - 7 Days

Enjoy an action packed 7 day Polar adventure. Starting off with 3 days in Iceland to discover the country's outstanding natural beauty and culture, we then make the trip to Greenland to experience the very edge of civilization. Fjords, hot springs, waterfalls, and maybe even Northern Lights and polar bears await you on this unique and incredibly special voyage of discovery.

  • Itinerary and Specifics



    • Accomodation on a bed & breakfast basis. 
    • All transportation within Iceland and Greenland
    • Guided tours in Iceland and Greenland
    • All meals in Greenland


    Not Included


    • Flights
    • Lunch and dinner in Iceland


    Full Itinerary

    Day 1  -Fly in to Reykjavik

    Free time during day, relax and explore the delights of the Icelandic capital. Take a walking tour of the city and enjoy some of the culinary delights. Later on in the day we head to the Blue Lagoon where you can enjoy the ultimate spa experience. Experience the hot springs as you bathe outdoors with the extra possibility of Northern Lights whilst sipping on your drink of choice from the bar situated in the main bathing area!

    Day 2

    Head to Pingvellier National park to walk around the stunning scenery. Admire waterfalls, lakes in an area just a short drive from the capital. In the afternoon we head to the Westfjords. Known for a rich history steeped in folklore, mysticism, and magic, the Westfjords is as beautiful as it is culturally fascinating. From the towering bird cliffs of Hornstrandir to the tumbling Dynjandi waterfalls, the Westfjords has something for everybody. The Westfjords boasts the northernmost glacier in Iceland, Drangajökull, the picturesque bay Arnarfjörður, the domineering mountain Bolafjall and even the puffin-heavy island of Flatey. All of these and more make up the diverse and staggeringly gorgeous landscapes of Iceland’s northwest.

    Day 3 – North Iceland

    Lake Myvatn + Dettifoss Waterfall

    Today is about discovering the North of Iceland. Highlights include Lake Myvatn and the Dettifoss Waterfall. Falling 44 meters from the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, Dettifoss crescendos with a mighty crash into the Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon below, creating one of the most spectacular and dramatic natural sites available to visit in Iceland.

    Day 4

    Head to Greenland (Nerlerit Inaat) from Reykjavik via Akureyri.

    Day 5

    Ittoqqortoormiit - Kap Hope - Hurry Fjord – Kalkdalen

    We drive along the fjord ice to Kap Hope, one of the 2 deserted villages in the area. From here it is a nice, flat stretch all the way to Kalkdalen at the head of Hurry Fjord. A small hut at Dom Brava will provide us shelter from wind during our lunch break. Staying close to the shore will give us the opportunity to see ptarmigan and Arctic hare.

    Day 6

    Kalkdalen - Horsens Fjord - Kap Greg

    We are on our way through "Kalkdalen", a valley stretching from Hurry Fjord to the outer coast. Here you will experience one of the most beautiful parts of Liverpool Land. We will pass two lakes and a hanging glacier, as the valley gets narrower and the mountains surrounding us higher. Soon we are getting closer to the outer coast of Liverpool Land. The sledging here has some challenging moments where we simply ask to hold on to the sledge, while the musher is steering the dogs through the terrain - no need to worry, this is mostly fun! The shapes of the surrounding mountains are changing - from the plateau inland mountains to the pointed alpine mountains found at the outer coast.

    Getting on the sea ice again at Horsens Fjord, we will soon stop at a hole in the ice, which is caused by warm streams under the sea surface. This is where we break as it is a good place to observe birds and other wildlife, which are attracted to this area.

    At Kap Greg we will camp in tents and spend the night in this uncommon place.

    Day 7

    Kap Greg - Kap Høegh

    We aim for the two huts at Kap Høegh today. On our way there, we will pass the massive glacier front of "Emanuel Glacier". It is this very area where we have the chance for observing seals on the ice and, if we are sort of lucky, polar bears. Overnight at the huts at Kap Høegh.

    Day 8

    Kap Høegh - Lille Fjord – Ittoqqortoormiit

    The last stretch - 35 km (22 mi) of ice and snow ahead of us until we are back in Ittoqqortoormiit. The dogs follow the coastline southwards until we reach Lille Fjord. Here we stop for lunch before the dogs take us up hill alongside a glacier to the land leading us back to Ittoqqortoormiit. We have left the sea ice behind by now and enjoy great views over Liverpool Land. The dogs are taking us fast downhill via the frozen river delta to Ittoqqortoormiit. A hot shower is finally within reach! Overnight at the guesthouse in Ittoqqortoormiit

    Day 9

    Return to the airport before connecting to Iceland.