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Sustainability Partners and Vision Statement

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At Global Dream Travel we are hugely passionate about sustainability and supporting causes close to our hearts! For us it is more than just about making contributions. We prioritise sustainability in the way we work, in our supply chains, by actively engaging in activities for the well-being of others as well as our planet. This also includes offering trips where our customers can take part in activities that really do make a difference, through the help of our purposeful partners. Feel free to explore our partners using the links below.

We aim to be the most sustainably-focused travel company in the world by operating 100% on the power of electric and hybrid vehicles for all our land, sea and water travel. As Environmental Pioneers, we collaborate with the most progressive eco-friendly service providers to make sure that our travellers can experience the world and know they're protecting and conserving it. We have a Sustainability Ambassador Program in place and will annually award our most eco-compelling story from the list of travel partners we use. 

Our aim is to be a beacon to other travel companies to take the right steps for a more balanced form of LOCALLY ENGAGED TOURISM, participating in communities, participating in local wildlife and natural initiatives whilst leaving no trace on the landscapes we visit. As a CLIMATE POSTIVE company, we look forward to being able to include the aviation industry in our list of partners and applaud the work of electric flight companies in the UK and USA. It won't be long before we'll partner with airlines whose entire fleet is net zero emissions through the use of sustainably produced green energy. For the time being we encourage our travellers to use our carbon calculator to offset the flights they have purchased and we'll make a contribution to offest this on their behalf. 

In terms of our accommodations, we only use providers who make considerate choices, are ECO-certified and can demonstrate clearly the action they are taking to reduce energy consumption, make their facilities more energy efficient and what they're doing to give back to the environment. Read more here about "Our Path to Becoming Climate Positive."


Our Sustainably Focused Partners 

TOE is a cause close to our hearts not only as they are local to us but share our passion for helping local people restore nature and tackle the climate emergency. When you travel with us, not only are you safe in the knowledge that you are supporting such a worthwhile cause but we also offer the opportunity to see first hand the work being done by such an outstanding organisation on our doorstep. The trust is composed of Oxfordshire based environmental visionaries working with local government and local business in order to generate real action in Oxfordshire communities, contributing to the sustainable living and harmony of humans, the economic sector and nature. 

Chooose are a Norweigan organisation who build digital tools to enable us to make climate action a part of every day life. For Global Dream Travel specifically, we are using technology to calculate our carbon footprint for each tour we operate, and donate this offset accordingly. You can see more about Chooose and the products they offer by visiting and also view the carbon offsetter we use on your behalf.

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Westway is a luxury coach and vehicle hire company in London and the South East of England renowned for high levels of service, a modern, safe fleet and excellent sustainability levels throughout the range. Having discussed our transport goals, we found Westway to be on the same page, matching our aims to reduce the environmental footprint for our trips. With progressive companies like Westway, there's a bright future for sustainability in transport. 


EV Ecosse offers transfers from airports in the lowlands and can cater for longer trips around Scotland sustainably. Most importantly of all, there's great Scottish humour, fully electric travel offered by their Tesla vehicle and attention to detail in taking care of the customer.

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We are now a member of Oxfordshire Greentech, a fantastic local business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire.

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